Meet Jason!

I am a happy but restless soul. I began my life in a traditional Amish community in southern Kentucky where I spent 20 some odd years cultivating corn, harvesting turnip greens, pumping water by hand for the cows, wrestling catfish from the muddy farm pond and eating home made smoked meats, cheeses and other such delicacies. I grew up speaking Pennsylvania German, and learned English at  the quaint, white, one room school house I attended when I turned six years old.

It was definitely a great child hood. But when I became older my eyes and my heart turned to the outside and I wondered what could be out there. So I went to see. It has been a fascinating but relentlessly exciting journey. Some where along the journey I discovered that I love to travel internationally. I also fell in love with Jesus like really deeply. Here you will find reflections from the past, current adventures and ramblings of the future. It may be a post about a night of camping in Siberia or it may be something God whispered in my ear. You never know. I don’t either. So… welcome to my life.

''...that was then...
”…that was then…”
“…and this is now…”

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"living life on the edge of that which could be considered safe"

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